Summer is over

The summer is over and it’s a time for reflection as the 17/18 school leavers embark on the next stage in their life journey. For many, this can be a strange and unsettling time as they try to establish themselves in new jobs, new courses of study and even live independently away from their home or town. Learning to foster new friendships and professional relationships with people away from the school environment is at times challenging but also exciting and liberating. Many parents or carers find the process nerve wracking, as they take a step back and allow their young adults to fully emerge from childhood and learn to cope on their own, developing new levels of organisational skill and ultimately and hopefully full independence as an adult. For the young adults, it can be a sometimes fantastic and sometimes scary journey. Rest assured though that while there may be ups and downs along this path, it is an exciting and vital time to be celebrated. SIFET wishes all the school leavers a great life journey and continued development of their financial skills.