When shopping, do you ever question whether you’re buying items because you genuinely want to or because you have been influenced by the advertising and marketing geniuses?

There are PhD qualifications available on Retail Marketing! As shoppers we are up against some of the best minds! Here are some techniques used to make us buy stuff we never knew we wanted, and by our contrary natures some of the things we do to rebel against them:

  • Well known brands negotiate deals with supermarkets to have their goods on the shelves which are at the eye level of most shoppers. It’s always worth while looking at the bottom shelf for bargains.
  • Bargain offers at the entrance – if you feel that you have got a bargain at the start of your shopping then you are more likely to spend more as you continue, unless you keep this in mind!
  • Point of Sale displays – mostly in smaller shops than supermarkets, again brands negotiate deals with the shop owner to have their goods on hand for you when you are about to hand your money/card over. Try not to look!
  • Three for the price of Two offers – we’re still spending twice the amount of money that we intended to spend. That’s only ok if we can afford it in our budget, otherwise, it’s not a bargain.
  • Loss leaders – one or two high value, branded goods, sold cheaply and advertised widely, again studies have shown that people will continue to shop after picking up these items. Time to activate your inner price comparison switch to make sure you are not paying more for items than you would normally.
  • BOGOF (Buy One Get One Free) – our favourite, we love a good deal. Brands and supermarkets do want you to continue to buy the items at full price once you have realised how tasty/magnificent/useful the item is. Better to wait for the next time the item is on a special deal!
  • Then there’s the TV/Media/Magazine adverts which promote the perfect skin/body/lifestyle/relationship – there’s been a liberal amount of airbrushing in such pictures!

Knowing the difference between needs and wants is essential, but an awareness of why you want the things you want is also worth exploring!!