The Stewart Ivory Financial Education Trust (‘SIFET’) is a charity that runs a programme of financial education sessions, principally aimed at senior school leavers (mainly S6) in Scotland.

SIFET helps to raise awareness of how to manage personal finances by delivering financial education to almost 20,000 senior pupils annually through a network of Financial Education Officers. Over the last ten years, our FEOs have delivered financial education to the vast majority of the secondary schools in Scotland.

In the last full academic session (2018/19) our FEOs visited 249 secondary schools in Scotland, delivering 1147 talks.

SIFET Objectives
To promote financial awareness and understanding in school leavers and other young people.
Arranging a Visit
Please contact the Project Manager via if you would like to arrange a visit to your school. A Financial Education Officer assigned to your geographical area will be in touch to assess your needs.
Delivery is usually in classroom size groups to allow for interaction and engagement in practical activities. We can deliver to a larger group although this is not our preferred model of delivery.

The FEOs use presentation materials that have been developed to cover core personal finance messages in the two My Money Talks sessions.

Managing Your Money

Managing Your Borrowing, Debt

We review and adapt FEOs presentations regularly to reflect best practice, topical issues and significant developments. In addition, we monitor the effectiveness of our delivery, with regular and detailed feedback from students and schools on our materials.

Schools are encouraged to undertake a follow up lesson to consolidate on our input.

Our additional Lessons section provides ideas for follow up lessons.